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Project Management

Construction Project Management and Contracting

Learn about construction project management done the Nacci way. We handle quality control issues, inspections, submissions, and project closeouts promptly and efficiently.



Formal project meetings are generally held weekly at the field level and bi-weekly at the project management level. The frequency and participation of key players are defined by the requirements of individual projects depending on the project delivery method, duration, and complexity.


Superintendents are responsible for maintaining quality practices. This mindset ensures ongoing awareness of quality work. In addition to this in-house assurance, independent testing laboratories are engaged at appropriate times according to the contract requirements.

Submittal Reviews

Submittal review is an early and critical step in assuring correct materials, final product selections, timely delivery, proper installation, and ultimately, satisfactory end use. Reviews may identify issues that need the attention of the owner, consultants, contractor, or a subcontractor. It is essential that the submittal process is managed to support project quality and scheduling requirements.

Correction of Non-Compliant Work

The best time to correct non-complying work is immediately after it happens. This will prevent the work from being covered up, made more difficult to repair or inadvertently being released to the owner. This is why Nacci has a competent superintendent on-site every day during construction. Any re-work is documented in the daily superintendent logs.

Non-Reoccurrence and Reporting To Government Officials

When a non-compliant condition is discovered, the occurrence will be documented, and an investigation will be conducted to identify the source of the condition. Preventative action and controls will be implemented to minimize future risks. A detailed report of the occurrence as well as the resolution and preventative measures developed will be reported to government officials.

Additional Discussion

A security plan, fire safety plan, and quality control plan will be provided upon award of the work. Nacci recognizes that the culture for effective quality project delivery must be developed and nurtured by upper management and embraced and implemented by all employees, subcontractors, and suppliers. All Nacci projects are executed in a manner that emphasizes safety, quality, schedule, and cost-effectiveness.

Approach to Subcontractor Management

Communication is the lifeblood of successful projects. This frequent communication allows us to anticipate any challenges early enough to address them adequately. Communication with the owner is at an appropriate level to enable them to account for the construction project in ongoing facility operations.

Management of subcontracts can be identified through a subcontract lifecycle. Understanding specific tasks in managing the subcontract, as well as requirements and assignment of responsibilities during each lifecycle phase, will aid compliance. Knowing the particular functions and responsibility within the organization is critical to success.